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Company Introduces High-Lofted Drivers with an ... Interesting Name

Divnick Expects Golfers to Have Fun with Dick and Jane


Big Dick Driver - Big Jane Driver
Divnick Golf
March 2004 - Divnick Golf is an Ohio-based company that has made some offbeat golf products over the years. Think telescopic drivers and adjustable-loft irons.

At the 2004 PGA Show, the company unveiled something else that - for now, at least - is a little offbeat. Drivers that utilize the lofts of fairway woods.

The women's version is called the Big Jane, and the men's version ... well ... we're just going to blurt it out: Big Dick.

That's right. The Big Dick and Big Jane from Divnick Golf. The company took part in the PGA Show's Demo Day and company founder Steve Divnick said the clubs drew a few snickers over the name - but also drew praise for their performance.

"The golf industry is competitive, so it's important to have a name that attracts attention," Divnick said. "We have a product that draws smiles and laughs, and then creates excitement after those same people try the drivers out."

Specifically designed for amateur golfers, who often struggle to get trajectory on their tee shots, The Big Dick and Big Jane drivers utilize patented high loft and low spin technology that Divnick has been perfecting over the past decade.

Essentially, Divnick said, the Big Dick and Big Jane provide the distance of a driver with "the consistency, confidence and loft" of a 3-wood.

"It is the size of a driver - it has the same large sweet spot - and it is the length and weight of a driver, but it has the higher lofts," Divnick explained. "Many golfers drive with a 3-wood because it has higher loft and is more forgiving. I felt it was logical to combine loft of a 3-wood with the other elements of a driver."

Compared to traditional drivers, which offer lofts of 9 and 10 degrees, the Big Dick boasts lofts of 11, 13 and 15 degrees while the Big Jane offers 13 and 15 degree lofts. All models are also available in left-handed versions. The heads are 400cc in size with an extra deep face for the maximum allowable spring effect. The Forged SP700 titanium heads weigh in at only 189 grams.

Major club manufacturers have not made clubs like the Big Dick and the Big Jane because higher loft typically increases the ball's backspin, diminishing the advantages of the higher trajectory. But spurred by the success of the telescopic and adjustable clubs that he invented in the early 1990s, Divnick developed technology to address that backspin. An independent launch monitor testing company in Texas confirmed the clubs' performance include excellent distance with increased control.

"This is the perfect driver for many golfers because it is easy to hit with, improves accuracy and distance and provides high trajectory without the backspin," Dick Johnson, a PGA pro who provides instruction at three courses in Wisconsin, said after testing a 13-degree Big Dick. "The Big Jane is ideal for women because it allows them to generate adequate club head speed, and the 13 and 15-degree lofts lets them get the ball higher in the air."

Designed to accompany the Big Dick and Big Jane, Divnick also debuted the Little Dick and Little Jane at the PGA Show. A fairway wood designed to help golfers hit long shots off the fairway or rough, the Little Dick and Little Jane have the size, length and weight of a 3-wood but with the loft of a 5-wood. The clubs come in 17-degree and 20-degree lofts.

Update: Divnick switches to "family friendly" name

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