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Tour Edge's Bazooka Hot Launch Helps Golfers Who Slice


Tour Edge Bazooka Hot Launch Driver
Tour Edge Golf
Updated January 19, 2004
The latest driver from Tour Edge to carry the Bazooka name is the Bazooka Hot Launch. It's aim is simple: To make your aim true.

Many amateur struggle with slices or with unwanted fades. The Bazooka Hot Launch was created to help those golfers straighted out their drives.

Designed to promote a draw, the Bazooka HL has a built-in tendency to reduce the possibility of hitting a slice. The driver features internal disks in the heel of the clubhead that help the average golfer more easily square the club at impact. Weighing approximately 20 grams, the heel weight, along with a closed clubface, counters the sidespin that creates a slice.

The Bazooka HL features a 400cc, 4-piece clubhead forged from 6A4V titanium. Tour Edge says the club's super thin face produces an extremely hot launch not found in traditional titanium drivers. The "hot launch," the company says, comes from its forging process that produces a tighter molecular structure.

Furthering the club's anti-slicing qualities, the Bazooka HL incorporates a UST 60-gram, low kickpoint, draw bias shaft. The shaft produces a counterclockwise motion in the clubhead that helps the average golfer close the face and minimize or eliminate slicing.

The Bazooka Hot Launch is available in 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5° drivers and 9.0° and 10.5° offset drivers in men’s and women’s right hand; also available in men’s/women’s 10.5° and 10.5° offset in left hand. The MSRP is $179.

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