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Golf Demo Days Locator

Find Out Where, When Demo Days are Taking Place


Demo days are one of the most effective tools for golfers to use to learn more about their equipment and their game.

Golf demo days are events put on by the golf club companies themselves, or by the hosting course or practice facility. Sometimes the event is dedicated to the equipment of just one company, other times multiple manufacturers are represented.

Company representatives are often on-site to answer questions about equipment, and staff members from the host facility are usually willing to provide quick swing checks and tips.

You can try different shafts, different lofts, different clubs. And best of all, demo days are (almost always) free.

Golf demo days are usually promoted well in advance by the host facility. If there is a golf association in your city, that association may well have a list available of such coming events.

Find Golf Demo Days

Click on the name of the company whose equipment you are interested in trying. The link will take you to the section on that company's website where upcoming demo days are listed (if a company is not listed, it likely means they do not provide Demo Day dates on their Web site).

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