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Meet the Utility/Hybrid Clubs

Understanding Golf Clubs: Utility Clubs/Hybrids


Nike Golf CPR

Nike Golf's CPR show why utility clubs are also called hybrids, combining elements of woods and irons.

Nike Golf
Utility clubs and hybrids are a relatively recent addition to the pantheon of golf clubs, and they are growing in popularity because they are designed to be easier to hit for recreational golfers. In fact, they are easier to hit for all golfers, and most touring pros now carry hybrids. But they are a particularly good choice for recreational golfers.

The terms "utility clubs" and "hybrid clubs" are generally used interchangeably. They denote a category of clubs that combine elements of both woods and irons into their design.

This combination of elements from both irons and woods adds up to having having technical features that aid in getting the ball airborne, that dampen the effects of mishits, and other things that are pluses.

Most hybrids are designed to replace long irons (2-, 3-, 4- and sometimes 5-irons in a golfer's bag, and when you hear it said that hybrids are "easier to hit," this is almost always meant in comparison to the long irons the hybrids are meant to replace.

For this reason, most golfers would do well to consider, if shopping for a brand new set of clubs, a "hybrid set" or "hybrid irons set." In hybrid sets, the long irons (typically 3- and 4-irons) are replaced with utility clubs designed to hit the ball the same distances, but with greater forgiveness and other game-improvement features built in.

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