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Beginners FAQ: How Do I Find a Golf Instructor?


So you're interested in taking golf lessons, which means you need to find a teaching professional (a k a, teaching pro). How do you find a golf instructor?

Well, there's the phone book, for starters.

Just about every golf course, no matter what kind it is (public, private, resort, municipal), will have several golf professionals on staff who give lessons.

There are also golf academies, driving ranges and practice facilities. And there are teaching pros who work at golf pro shops or even some big-box golf retailers.

So the easiest way to find a golf instructor is to simply consult your local business directory, whether that be in a traditional phone book or online or through whatever e-gadgets are coming down the pipeline in the future.

Call around and compare prices. And ask other golfers.

For more tips on this topic, see our Golf Lessons Buying Guide.

There are also some online directories that catalog golf instructors across wide geographic areas, allowing golfers to search databases of teaching pros in North America and Great Britain. Some of those are listed on our Find a Golf Instructor page.

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