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The Time a Tour Player Made Back-to-Back Aces In the Same Round

And his second hole-in-one happened on a par-4!


Golfer John Hudson

John Hudson (pictured in 2007) made back-to-back aces in an important European tournament in 1971.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images
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  • You may know that the first par-4 hole-in-one in PGA Tour history (and so far only one) happened at the 2001 FBR Open.

    But there was a par-4 ace on the European Tour 30 years earlier - and much more remarkably, it was the second of back-to-back aces by the same golfer!

    OK, technically, it didn't happen on the European Tour. It was 1971 and the European Tour didn't officially exist until 1972. But the tournament was the Martini International (James Bond's favorite), an event that existed from 1961-83 and was part of the European Tour from the beginning in 1972. Its winners included Peter Thomson, Christy O'Connor Sr., Peter Alliss, Greg Norman, Seve Ballesteros and Nick Faldo. It was legit, in other words.

    The golfer was John Hudson, a journeyman English player who spent parts of several season on the Euro Tour and later played the European Seniors Tour for several seasons.

    So: John Hudson is playing the 1971 Martini International. It's the second round and Hudson reaches the 12th hole at Royal Norwich Golf Club in Norwich, England. It's a par-3, 195 yards. He chooses his 4-iron. And boom - hole-in-one.

    Hudson proceeds to the next hole, the 13th, where he takes out driver because it's a par-4 - 311 yards, downhill from an elevated tee box. And boom - that one rolls into the hole, too! Back-to-back aces, including one on a par-4. Amazing.

    I imagine Hudson felt both shaken and stirred.

    Hudson eventually finished tied for ninth and won £160, which was one of his best checks. At the time this article was written, Hudson was still in golf as the club pro at Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre in Witham, Essex, England.

    Hudson's feat remains the only known instance of back-to-back aces by the same golfer in the same round in a tournament on one of the world's significant professional tours.

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